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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Anything but ReLAXing

Before arresting me for the severe rancidness of the above pun, I would like to inform all of ya’ll on the vexations and irritations elicited from this Los Angeles airport. Not only did my compatriots and I have to search through the terminal for a means of discovering flight information of our next flight, but we were also forced into exiting the airport in order to transfer to another terminal. You see, LAX is organized in the perfectly inaccessible way of having only certain terminals connected to one another. While transferring from Terminal 4 to 5 is plausible, going from Terminal 5 to 1 would require exiting Terminal 5 and re-checking in at Terminal 1. Moreover, the airport lacks both an airport tram system, and proper signage to inform passengers on how to move from one terminal to another. In order to make it to our eventual destination, we had to wander around the same terminal (without any signs saying how to get to another terminal) until we asked two police officers how to find the proper terminal. After walking for another hour we were able to discover the international terminal and arrived to find our flight. Although the process was a pain, the eventual discovery of the final destination proved extremely rewarding.

With the ordeal of walking past two terminals outside of the airport behind us, we were extremely fortunate to find a table for four in the food court section of the International Airport. Because we would not be able to access the China Airlines check-in until three hours later (at 13:00), we decided to take a welcome respite. Luckily for one of my 同学 tong2xue2 = classmate, who had recently fallen out of a dangerously stationary car, we rested for the next two hours. She was able to recuperate her foot that had undergone unnecessary walking, and everyone also got to partake in a much needed meal after four hours of flying and two hours of waiting in New Orleans.

I was able to consume an extremely authentic, gourmet Panda Express of the last American Chinese I would eat for at least the next two months. After our meals and relaxation, we continued to the customs to prepare for our international flight newly rejuvenated and reenergized to face the remaining challenges. 

I hope food in China is this Gourmet

My food...

At the Panda Cafe!

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