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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Night in Taiwan

Our arrival in Taiwan allowed for our first experience of darling China with its many foibles and interesting idiosyncrasies. The cars weren’t all common brands, with some never before seen brands slipping into the midst. The people were exceptionally numerous even at the late hour of night (which conveniently can be expressed two ways in Chinese depending on the degree of feeling desired to be inserted into the statement: either 人山人海 (ren2shan1ren2hai3) meaning people from the mountains to the sea or 人怎么这么多! (ren2 zen3me zhe4me duo1) which means something along the lines of “why are there so many people!”).

The next day, we experienced our first meal in China. A baozi graced my small plate consisting of a doughy substance wrapped around a hot meat-vegetable mixture along with a kiwi-orange juice smoothie because well why not.

Afterwards, we boarded the plane and headed to the mainland of China. Aboard the plane, I sat next to Evan for the relatively short three hour flight. Slowly, we began to notice a slow din to develop into an outright cacophony that completely destroyed Evan’s ability to listen to the Scandinavian movie he was watching and my ability to review the previous month’s Chinese lessons.

We soon realized that our fellow travelers were much more vocal than the normal American traveler…to the point that the ambiance of the plane resembled that of a boisterous bus than that of a cross-country plane venture (although according to most Chinese, Taiwan is still very much a part of the mainland).

Once we ate our onboard flight meal (which we were treated to on a four hour flight even if it was at eleven in the morning), we began making our decent towards the ground and the eventual adventures in China.

The room in Taiwan for around 30 kuai.

The first view of a day in China

My first baozi accompanied by the orange kiwi juice

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